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Adding effort to just a single idea delivers

high value-added products to consumers

around the world.


Ideas support Kokubo. These ideas come from nowhere. The only way is to sensibly infer what consumers want and how the times are changing, and continue to ask what comes next. Moreover, you cannot make a product of high added-value that excels over competitors by simply giving an idea a tangible shape; you have to add something to that idea.

In the quest to produce original products, Kokubo does it all internally from conceiving ideas to adding something special and turning that into a product. We have no intention of resting on today’s accomplishments, as we seek new possibilities by continuously challenging ourselves. 


Innovative ideas are born only after making it a practice to see things through the consumer’s eyes.

Planning & Development

Planning and development meetings are held to shape ideas into products.


Design is an important process, therefore professional staff at Kokubo take care of it.


The product is finalized through a series of tests necessary to evaluate safety, durability, etc.


The product is produced on a highly efficient line under the scrutiny of personnel to ensure quality.


Kokubo has four original brands that it tailors to use and diversifying consumer needs. Group company Kiyou Jochugiku Co., Ltd. does a wide range of business related to living.

Ribbon House

Stylish convenient living on themes of amenities and ecology


Products with overseas features


Pioneering the care market on a theme of beautiful healthy skin


Hygiene support for families and lifestyles on a healthy theme

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