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Terms and Conditions

1. KOKUBO CO., Ltd (“KOKUBO”) owns the copyright and property right of the products data, which are inserted in “KOKUBO Web Catalog”.

2. Please note that “KOKUBO” does not take any responsibility when you face any damage or trouble by using the data of “KOKUBO Web Catalog”.

3. “KOKUBO” may change or revise the content of “KOKUBO Web Catalog” without notice.

4. Please note that the following numbered acts listed below are strongly restricted: (1) to reproduce the content excluding the case of in-house or personal or non-commercial use, (2) to alter or modify process of all the images or part of the images, (3) to offer to any third party for sales, loan, and /or transfer purposes.

5. Please contact us if you want to use any data from “KOKUBO Web Catalog” for website, leaflet, brochure, or advertisement for products introduction or products explanation purposes.

6. The color of the products in the catalog may differ from that of actual products or printed-based catalog depending on the setting of the display.
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