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We can do more. Kokubo is a company

that quickly identifies the needs of the times

and continuously pushes the creativity envelop

to shape the future.

Regardless of product genre, we at Kokubo view the issues and trends that define the next generation of manufacturers as calls to exhaust every effort to change from manufacturing to creating as a way of business. This creativity as a way of business tells us to quickly identify the needs embedded in the various life situations in everyday living, propose new product values to end-users and secondary markets, and shape the future. It is by no means an easy task to pursue creativity as a way of business. The products we deliver to the world have a backdrop of casual everyday life. Precisely for that reason, we have to be customer and consumer-oriented, and nimbly react to market changes. In this regard, we proactively train human resources on the belief that manufacturing in the sense of making something means to first shape the people who make it, and dedicate efforts and resources to making consumer-centric products. Meanwhile, we are innovating our production system with broader horizons, which includes our having established local subsidiaries in Shanghai, China. We firmly believe in the concept of an ideal company that is needed by society for the way it supports consumers in their efforts to lead a more convenient and comfortable lifestyle. We will not satisfy ourselves with what we do neither today nor tomorrow, as we continue the challenge to do more.




President Yoshiaki Kokubo

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